Abuse Recovery

All complex systems have built-in methods to maintain their safe operation. For example, a circuit breaker gets tripped if the current load is too high. The “circuit breakers” of living systems are much more complex, of course. Anxiety patterns are part of the built-in self-protection mechanisms to help us maintain safe and healthy functioning under the types of situations we typically encounter in the course of our day-to-day lives.

What happens, however, when we encounter the unexpected, and when what we encounter is also overwhelming and even life threatening? At times like these, we activate a number of more extreme survival responses, but the after-effects of those experiences are often more difficult to resolve than merely resetting a circuit breaker. At times like these, specific trauma-based anxiety reactions can develop. Robert Scaer, MD, a noted neurologist and expert on post-traumatic treatments, has shown how responses to trauma involve changes to many systems and structures in the brain and body. That is why at PIH, we recognize that successful treatment of post-traumatic reactions has to include a range of treatment approaches to restore healthy functioning of mind, body and spirit, all of which can be powerfully affected by exposure to overwhelming trauma.

The effects of trauma and the type of treatment needed for any person will depend on whether the trauma occurred once or repeatedly. It is also important to consider whether the trauma occurred in adult life or in childhood, when the immature mind and body are more vulnerable to the generation of responses that can be longer lasting.

At PIH, we have available a range of treatment options for post-traumatic conditions that utilize the most current understand of how to help the mind, brain, body, and spirit restore healthy functioning. At PIH, we guide you to your trauma recovery in a safe and supportive, encouraging and professional atmosphere. If your mind-body “circuit breaker” has been tripped, and you are having difficulty resetting it, call us at PIH for information on how you can get on the road to getting your life back to health.