Compulsive Disorders

To be compelled is to be forcefully or irresistibly driven toward something. People experiencing compulsive disorders will often describe that sense of having no choice but to give in to the pressure they feel to engage in a particular action. Compulsive disorders come in many forms (e.g., ritual hand washing of the individual with obsessive-compulsive disorder; the compulsive over-eating pattern of the person desperate to control their weight). People who engage in compulsive behaviors do share something with one another, regardless of the particular form of compulsivity in which they engage: the compulsion is a method that is used to regulate intolerable anxiety. That is why successful treatment of compulsive disorders needs to include not only methods to modify or redirect the compulsion, but to develop skills in regulating the underlying anxiety that drives the behavior in the first place.

At PIH, we have clinicians trained to help you overcome the compulsive patterns. Anxiety can be thought of as the body’s energetic engine. When in balance, the energy of anxiety generates the force that enables us to accomplish goals. When out of balance, the anxiety can paralyze us by turning on us. With compulsive patterns, the anxiety threatens us from within, we become motivated to control the internal tension, and the compulsive behaviors become the means of accomplishing that. Let us help you learn to channel the energy of anxiety-based compulsions in positive directions. Call PIH today, and take that first step on the road to health.

At PIH, we approach the treatment of depression from multiple perspectives that help you to restore your energy, and feel rejuvenated at all levels of the mind and body. Our treatment approaches for adults, adolescents, and children include:

At PIH, we begin with a comprehensive evaluation to identify your particular needs and then work with you to design an individualized program of care that will support you in re-establishing health and increase your sense of vitality and well-being. We look forward to working with you on your way to balanced health.