Weight Loss

Finding ways of achieving and maintaining healthy weight loss is consistently among the most common concerns people describe.  Information about the health risks of excessive weight has never been more easily available.  The number of books, diets, programs and treatments available continues to grow.  Most of them promise to "once and for all" help you lose weight "easily and effortlessly."  In spite of this, the epidemic of obesity continues to grow even faster, affecting more people every year and becoming increasingly common among young children.  The difficulty people have successfully achieving and maintaining weight loss over time highlights the complexity of obesity.  It is important to recognize that the usual methods of weight loss that are heavily marketed are simple-minded solutions that often do more to enrich the pockets of people offering the weight loss promises than assisting the people with their obesity problems in the first place!

A person's physical shape and weight represents the way in which a complex interplay of factors come together to form the physical body.  At PiH we use a comprehensive evaluation process to help you determine the factors that influence your eating habits.  Learning to sense your body's energy needs and develop healthy behaviors to meet those needs is an important part of the PiH approach.  When you have developed habitual ways of meeting your energetic needs that are out of balance with your mind's and body's overall health needs, health problems, including obesity can develop.  At PiH we are not focused on having your conform to society's image of the ideal body, but on the principles of ideal health to support your natural body and your mind in a balanced way.  Drawing upon a wide range of therapies, we help you construct a plan uniquely designed to help you achieve overall health, including achieving greater health of your physical body.

The therapies we use to help you achieve your goals include:

  • Individualized and Group-based psychological and behavioral therapies
  • Participation in the LEARN Program, a cognitive-behaviorally-based program with a proven record of helping people make the changes needed to support improved health, weight reduction, and a more balanced and enjoyable lifestyle
  • Hypnosis training and guided imagery training to help you access the personal resources necessary to commit to making positive change happen in your life
  • Chinese medicine incorporating acupuncture and herbal strategies (Diane Tanning, RN, MS, LAc)

At PIH, we begin with a comprehensive evaluation to identify your particular needs and then work with you to design an individualized program of care that will support you in re-establishing health and increase your sense of vitality and well-being. We look forward to working with you on your way to balanced health.