Does Forgetfulness Always Signal a Problem?

In October 2012, Dr. David Alter presented a workshop in Bremen, Germany at the 19th International Congress of Hypnosis. The workshop emphasized that learning, remembering and forgetting are essential daily experiences throughout life involving the brain’s many interconnected memory systems. You may be surprised to discover that the tendency to forget is actually a normal and healthy part of what the brain does. Forgetting helps people to hold onto “the essence of what matters” in life while allowing the unnecessary details to fade away. This is touchingly illustrated in the famous duet from the film Gigi highlighting that in life it is often the personal connection and not the details that matter most.

However, the experience of forgetting can become more worrisome as people age. Many people become afraid that memory loss signals the arrival of dementia. So, when is forgetting a sign of the brain going about its usual business and when do patterns of forgetting require a closer look? That’s a good question, isn’t it? At the Institute for Brain-Behavior Integration (IBBI), we help you determine whether your experience of memory change represents something that requires further exploration and assistance.

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